Dr Jack Chen

MacDiarmid Institute annual symposium November 20, 2019

Senior Lecturer – Chemistry

Address:       34 St Paul St, School of Science,
                        Auckland University of Technology
                        Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Email:            jack.chen@aut.ac.nz
Telephone:   (+649) 921 9999 ext 8398


since 2018     Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
                      Auckland University of Technology

2016-2018      Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
                      Auckland University of Technology

2014-2016      Postdoctoral Researcher
                      Universita’ degli Studi di Padova, Italy
                        with Prof. Leonard Prins

2011-2014      Postdoctoral Researcher
                      University of Bristol, UK
                        with Prof. Varinder Aggarwal FRS

2006-2010      PhD, University of Auckland, NZ
                         with Prof. Margaret Brimble FRS

Teaching Areas:

  • Molecular Design, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry

Research Areas:

  • Self-assembly and emergent properties
  • Dynamic, stimuli-responsive functional nanosystems
  • Reaction kinetics and mechanism
  • Green catalysis and sustainable chemistry

Our group is interested in the way molecules self-organize into functional architectures. We are currently utilizing self-assembly to construct dynamic structures that possess emergent properties. This is possible by utilizing cooperative effects – where multiple functional groups work together to exhibit properties that are not observed in the original building blocks. Such dynamic systems allow the introduction of stimuli-responsive moieties that allow these systems to respond to chemical fuels, light and other external stimuli. Such responsive systems offer exciting possibilities for the development of smart materials and dynamic chemical systems with the potential to exhibit ‘intelligent’ and adaptive properties.